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You know the drill. I take a bunch of pictures, some cool, others not so cool. Then I put them up here (eventually) so everyone can see how we can all look both beautiful and dorky on camera. I hope you like 'em. Like always, if you want to put any pictures on this site, E-mail me and let me know.

Also, let me know if you want FULL size images to print or whatever, k? J

Nobody ever signs this thing,
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Livin' it up Vegas style...

( ( ( ( ray ) ) ) )

Don, Jane, John, Lysa, & Mary's B-Day, Las Vegas

Partying @ Westwood

Dinner & a Movie @ The Block

A Lunch Date in Orange County

Dinner at a Hookah Bar, Irvine Spectrum

Dinner at Mary's Apt.

Thanksgiving '02

Dinner at Michelle's Apt.

Jason & Jasmine's Wedding

Hanging out with Miriam in San Diego

Marie's Birthday Party @ Mike's
Erwin & Kate's Wedding, Maui
Erwin's "Bachelor Party" at Hooters, Santa Monica
Janina & Nicole's B-Day Weekend, Las Vegas
A-VYBE at the House of Blues
Thanksgiving Dinner at Michelle's
Zeta Phi Rho Epsilon Class Formal
adventures in hair color

I dunno what I was thinking