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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

i'm still
in love
with you.
or is it
more correct
to say
i'm in love
a little bit
the same
a little bit
my heart
once again
wants to
reach out
to you,
but this time
both hands
will be open,
this gift is
yours to have,
i hold this
truth to be
i care for you
more than
i ever have.
i have found
and he has
shown me
the way,
with you
is where
i want to be,
and yet
your heart
no longer beats
with mine,
i can hear
you clearly
on this wavelength
but all you
hear is static
my erratic heart
will one day
find rest
peace will one day
be with me
but for now
my heart persues
that which it
longs for,
a love
that will
love back


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